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    Mimos Pillow is a special engineered pillow use to treat and prevent Flat Head Syndrome for young babies (Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly). 


    Buy Mimos Baby Pillows For Newborn Baby Flat Head Syndrome at Mimos Baby Pillow UK


    All babies are precious little bundle of joys and all loving parents want to provide the best for their children. Celebrate the joy & challenges of parenting with us by purchasing a new innovative Mimos baby pillow. Our pillows have been especially designed to give a 400% reduction of pressure helping to protect your baby's soft head and prevent baby flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly).

    Safety is a high priority, the Mimos baby flat head prevention pillow is designed to maximise safety, comfort & hygiene, and this is the only pillow engineered with 100% breathable super-soft high quality 3D Spacer fabric. That's our Mimos Air Spacer Baby Pillow.

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    Latest Flat Head Syndrome Baby Pillow Review 

    What Our Customers Say......?


    Natasha L says: Amazing Product


    Yes, I would recommend this to friends/families

    Describe Yourself

    First time mum

    Bottom Line:

    We bought this when our son developed a flat head at the back. Although we
    were told it would eventually go away as he became active we did not want
    to wait that long as the doctor said it could be up to year.

    After studying the time frame of when an infant skull plates fuse together we
    realised that 1 year could be too late.

    After 2-3 weeks of using the Mimos pillow our son's head started to become
    round again. We feel that correcting his skull helped his mobility too,
    previously an oesteopath had commented that his neck and skull felt tight.

    Definitely using this product on this next baby that is due!

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    2nd PNAE Congress on Paediatric Nursing

    Shaping Policy and Practice in Europe and Beyond
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    Come and meet us at Glasgow, the world lagest Europaediatrics Conference!

    http://www.mimospillow.co.uk  Promoting plagiocephaly Flat Head Syndrome Prevention and Awareness including new diagnose & treatment protocol for parents and healthcare professionals.